90 Day Plan (Part 2 of 2)

Just to recap a 90 Day plan is one day repeated over and over again to catapult your business to gain BIG MO (momentum.) Your actions everyday are based around marketing your business. Your big pay off is at the end of your 90 day plan.


The most important aspect to a 90 Day Plan is before the plan, in the preparation for the plan. Most people underestimate how long it will take to prepare for their plan. I certainly do. I break down the preparation into three phases. Each phase leads to the other and require to be completely finished before moving on. Each phase also requires it’s own day. Like a 90 day plan but shorter to build some habits up.

Phase 1: Get your mind around it.

In Phase 1 I really like to get a strong understanding for what I am about to do. Take time to think and journal what it is you want to do. What’s the goal for your plan, why are you doing it. Get a new blank journal open it to the first page, and write “Phase1 Get my mind around what I’m doing” Then bullet point what our doing.

  • What am I doing
  • Talk to Family and team to let them know what I’m about to do
  • Design my day for Phase 2 “Prepare for launch”
  • Try out Phase 2 day
  • Take a couple of days with the family
  • Clear out all clutter on desk office house car
  • Get whatever tools I will need to complete Phase 2

Just like a check off list do all of these things and/or whatever you feel needs to be done to get your mind around what you’re going to do. It took me ten days to complete Phase 1, I thought it would take me four. Don’t be in a rush to finish. If you move pn without completing your phase you’ll just have to go back and prepare again or your plan will not be as effective.

Phase 2 Preparation

The bulk of your work is going to take place. You’ll need to identify all the things you’ll need to complete your plan and who you’re going to be talking to. You’ll want to create two lists as well a “300 name list” and a “Dream 50 absolute close list.” Again make those bullet points include everything you’ll need. This was mine to launch my Insurance career.

  • Pass licensing test
  • Build 300 list
  • Build dream 50
  • book out appointments for all of (First month of 90 day plan)
  • Create Day for 90 day plan
  • Get business cards
  • Buy new clothes
  • Get another car
  • Script exposures process
  • Try out 90 day plan day

Again this took longer than I planned, but by only a few days no weeks. Let yourself have a couple extra days if need be. When you’re in your plan you’re busy so you can forget about fixing it then.

Finally, it’s go time. You finished everything off you’re ready to do your day. Again make those bullet points.

Phase 3 90 day plan

  • Simply do your day
  • Go to appointments
  • book out next month
  • Close (Whatever your BHAG goal is)

It is important to understand when you take massive action you’re going to get new different problems that are not planned in your day. THAT’S A GOOD THING. That means you’re taking enough action. If you do not get new problems you’re not taking enough action.

Discipline Brain

Discipline People

Discipline Thoughts

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