90 Day Plan (Part 1 of 2)

Have you ever heard of someone taking a monumental leap forward in a short period of time? Someone or group that goes on a life changing expedition or journey. Well to me a “90 Day Plan” is just that sort of thing. A 90 day plan explained simply is one day repeated over and over again for ninety days. However, that is an extreme over simplification.

The purpose of a 90 Day plan is to build momentum. Now it’s important to define momentum or BIG MO as Darren Hardy (Publisher of “Success Magazine”) calls it. http://www.success.com/

BIG MO is when your business is growing and building so strong that you couldn’t just stop it even if you wanted to. It’s like your business is growing and growing and building all on it’s own. Everyone has seen a football game where BIG Mo switches sides and it’s almost like two different teams are playing in the same game with the same players. This is what you want. The feeling of everything is going my way. So what do we have to do to get that? As Jim Collins put it in his book “Good to Great” “Build up (momentum) to break through.” A 90 day plan does just that.



Perhaps you’re ready to start your 90 Day Plan now. Well, there’s many aspects to the plan. First we have to understand that: “All businesses suffer from obscurity” as Grant Cardone said in his book “The 10X Rule.” The purpose of your 90 day plan to market and get people to know who you are. People buy from people they know like and trust, so go find people to get to know you.



Just like a major expedition preparation is the key. For me I break down my preparation into three phases and we will go over what those phases are in the next installment of this blog. Thank you for reading.

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