Real Estate/Serial Entrepreneur Master Matt Rillera Crushed LLC

“With every business, I don’t want to have to convince my customer to buy from me, use me, (or) use my product.” Matt said in our interview, and he says that all the time!


I was meeting some friends in Carlsbad to do a free group workout we were hosting. The ladies running it were close friends of mine and I couldn’t wait to see them. There at the workout was this guy with the tannest feet I had ever seen. Seriously I don’t think the guy has ever had to wear shoes. Then I come to find out he is an amazing business man. Matt never drives he doesn’t have time for that. Matt doesn’t dress up for business meetings, unless you consider a Surf Tee and Board Shorts dressing up.  Matt wants to know all about what people are doing if they are successful at it.  He wants to work with people who are “CRUSHING IT!”

Matt got started in the Wireless industry in 1990 seeing that it was the way of the future. “…who doesn’t have a phone today?” Matt says. Matt sees what is coming sometimes long before the masses do. For example,

One business has led to the other. Wireless to Medical (but he’s not a doctor) because of working with so many doctors, Real Estate (but he’s not an Agent or Broker) because of spending so much time in banking, and real estate to fund everything else from nutrition (but he’s not a nutritionist) to apparel (but he’s not a designer) to music and film (can’t write a note or script.)  Matt truly is a serial entrepreneur, but loves to confuse people as to what he does in the industry.

To give an understanding of the scale Matt likes to work on we can look at his Real Estate business.  “I receive 1500-2500 properties every week that some failing bank(s) needs to sell usually for $.30 on the dollar” This in a time where most people are saying there is no or limited inventory.  He likes to go BIG and “CRUSH IT!”

Knowing his competition is huge to Matt. He wants to figure out if his competition is going to be “CRUSHED” or become his ally either one is fine.   He goes into businesses knowing that he will “CRUSH IT.” When asked what he would do if he knew he would not fail he said “Design flapping wings, attached to a bicycle, the wings would flap when I peddled.  Then I’d fly over to Kauai from San Clemente.” Matt continued.

“I might be misreading this question or simply don’t understand it.  I go into business expecting to CRUSH it at that business/industry.  If I knew it would fail, why would I go into it?  I do the research, investigate the information, discover why there are solution-less problems, discover why I can create solutions, etc.  All these things support or keep me out of opening that business. “

Matt Rillera

Business is great to Matt, but family always comes first. If his son is in town everything comes to a stand still. He truly knows what is important in life and values family before money. After losing his daughter he knows the value better than most.

Matt truly wants to help others find the success he has found for himself. He works with people as a mentor regularly giving advice helping people find their way but not feeding them along the way. When asked “What advice would you give to someone just starting out in business?” Matt said “Nothing comes overnight…and if it does, it’s gone in the morning.”  EVERY INDUSTRY takes CONSTANT effort.  So make sure whatever we’re doing, love it or love the money it generates!  I would also tell them to KNOW their product because “People want to be educated.  They don’t want to be sold.”

Matt says “Don’t have an employee mindset.” If we did before Matt we don’t know.

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