My secret weapon… My morning routine

For me how I start my day everyday is critical. If I get up on the wrong side of the bed I have to take time to reset myself or I’m off for the rest of the day. I have followed this morning routine and variations of it for the past seven plus years. I hope this helps you.

Here’s an article from “Entrepreneur Magazine” on the same topic.

Step 1: Get up early.

I know it can be hard for some but it helps productivity.

Step 2: Eat Breakfast

Not just coffee or coffee and a muffin. I mean a good meal replacement shake or something fast and high in protein and nutrition. Remember your body is empty when you wake up. This will boost your metabolism by 30%. That means more energy!!

Step 3: Listen to something GREAT

While eating fill your head with something inspirational and/or instructional. Don’t just let your thoughts go on their own. They have a way of going the wrong way without guidance. Not mention think about how the rest of your day will go if you start by filling it with good news. I like to listen to “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by O G Mandino. Even if you’re not in sales it’s a great book.


Step 4: Exercise

The benefits of daily exercise have been documented enough for the physical body. My mind always feels better after a workout, and isn’t that worth it?

Step 5: Affirmations

Starting your day affirming you are who you want to be and reviewing your goals as if they are already done has a huge impact on not only your day but your life. If nothing else just tell yourself you’ll have a good day ten times. Chances are you will.

Step 6: Meditate

Let your mind go free and empty for 20 minutes. It sounds easy enough but it’s not. I lay down and focus on my breathing. This is a key step not to be skipped if possible. I also have four classical songs I listen to that help. Here’s a tip from “Success Magazine” on meditation.

Step 7: Feel appreciative

If you want more in your life appreciate what you have.

All of this is designed to put your mind in the right place. I also like to listen to a motivational audio book on my way to work. I never listen to the news but do get RSS feed related to my industry. As Darren Hardy says “Focus on how you show up.” These steps will help anyone show up better. Thank you for reading.

How do you start your day? Comment below. For more in depth discussion email me at

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